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Sheds are spaces where people can gather to share skills, tools and enthusiasm - or just drink coffee if they prefer. (Whether the shared tools and skills are carpentry, welding or electronics depends entirely upon its members.)

Giving people reason to get up, to go out, and to make friends is obviously good for the retired, for the community, and since any such gathering is likely to have skilled individuals, good also for the buildings that host Sheds.

Want to help us create a Havant Shed?

We think we know of a suitable building, we think Havant Borough Council is keen to help us, as are other organisations concerned with the welfare of the elderly and the unemployed. We have lots of advice from the national Mens Shed Organisation and good local examples in Gosport, Southbourne and Petworth.

Next move is to call a public meeting, select a committee, adopt a constitution, seek finacial support and repair the building.

There are also moves to create Sheds in Portsmouth and Waterlooville.


The Havant Shed is supported by:

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